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You love reading stories about people who magically transformed their lives. People who had the guts to follow their passions and are now living extraordinary lives. You secretly want that for yourself, but don’t see how it could ever happen.

Most days you’re too exhausted to do anything after work. You spend your last bit of energy making dinner, getting the kids ready for school or catching up on email. How could you possibly take on anything else?

I too, have yearned for a better life. I never understood how people got from Point A to Point B. It was only after I ended a toxic relationship, that I finally saw how I treated myself. I never prioritized myself or took my dreams seriously.

In a nutshell, I was a people pleaser. I put all of my energy into making other people happy, which left me physically and emotionally drained. It was only when my physical pain got so bad, that I was forced to make a change.

It was time to stop worrying about everyone else and to start healing myself. Not only did my pain subside and my energy levels improve, I started fulfilling some of my life’s dreams.

I created this blog because I want to help everyone accomplish their dreams. You’re capable of amazing things, you just need the right guidance and practical advice.

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